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Design Consultancy (DC) 

Design Consultancy Services

 Figure above: Product development and test operations going on in laboratory

A. Electronic Circuits - Wireless & Hardwired Technology

- Design Concept Generation

- Specifications

- Copy Right Protection / Patent

- Hardware Design

- Embedded Software Design

- Prototype/manufacture

- Packaging

- Large Scale production

We offer an hour free consultation for your design project(s). We conduct site visit, generate concepts and right technical specifications of a proposed design.

Example Project:

1. A proposed project for the design, build, manufacture and installation of "liquid level sensing and read-off display system" of hydrocarbon products such as petrol and kerosene on the Oxide Facility at the Portharcourt Refining Company Ltd, Eleme in River State of Nigeria.

2. Proposed project for the design, build, manufacture and installation of "Police Traffic Post Solution" in Nigerian cities and towns. 

B. Turnkey Designs

- Client's technical specifications (or visit us for help)

- Generate Computer Model of design

- Costing

- Design, test and build prototype - Manufacture

- Installation (optional)

C. Embedded Software Programming 

We assist the local university engineering students in gaining full understanding and to realize their final year project work in realtime application. 

We do offer embedded system design solutions tallying to customer's specific need.