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HSPGS Powering For 1-Carriage 2-Lane Road

 Proposed HSPGS Powering a Row of Streetlights

Road Distance:                                     1 Km (1000 meters)

Number of Light fitting:                       33 units of Luminaire

Total Light fitting Power Rating:         3300 Watts

Number of Street Pole: 33 units

Light Fitting Power Rating Per Pole:   100 Watt LED

Light Daily Run Time:                          12 hours

Power Source:                                     Hybrid Solar Power Station

Inbuilt Energy Storage Type:              Lithium (LifePo4), Gel bat

Space Required For Solar Panel:         9 meters x 10 meters

Installation Location:                          Any

Design Lifespan:                                  25 years

OEM Warranty:                                    3 years

Designer and Consultants:                  Suchnetcom Solar Ltd


HSPGS can be installed in a safe residential location, or any accessible location not too far away from the connection terminal of the load (streetltsghts)    

Operating Principle

HSPGS is basically inbuilt with Energy Box, Battery Bank, cooling fan, anti flame sensors and surveillance camera.

The switching on/off of the output AC load and input AC charging lines of HSPGS station is done through rotary switches located on external body of Energy Box. This also includes isolation switches of solar panel array and battery bank used for maintenance purposes. Control panel of other security and environmental sensing devices are also inbuilt with the HSPGS. Internal surveillance cameras are embedded internal walls of HSPGS station.

The HSPGS station has a fire retardant door that serves as both entry and exit door.