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Model SNCS0.5K (Plug-and-Play Solar Power Gen)

The 500VA 230V 50-60 hertz PURE SINE WAVE PPSPG has a carefully integrated onboard power electronic circuitry of inbuilt inverter, charge regulator, battery, safety units, humidity control fan and external switching units. The PPSPG does have an external connector block for additional battery extension to increase the system energy capacity at its output and prolonged runtime of connected load. The PPSPG power system has also got weatherproof male/female plugs for AC input/output power lines, including external link wires for intake of DC input voltage from solar panels. The solar power generator comes with 100W (2 x 50 watt peak) monocrystalline solar panels, which is up-gradable to achieve a total of 350W (7 x 50W peak) maximum applicable. The PPSPG is safe, reliable and provides excellent performance over a wide range of conditions due to the ruggedness of inbuilt major and other ancillary components. The PPSPG has digital seven segment display output voltage and frequency indicator lamps to visualize performance. It has both AC (230V / 50-60Hz) and 12VDC external battery connector. The AC input takes wide voltage range of 150-275Vac at 45-70Hz with auto tracking capability and automatic switching transfer time of less than 2 milliseconds. While AC output is 230V (+/-2%) at 50/60Hz (+/-0.5%) pure sine wave (PSW). It has overload, over-current, short-circuit and over temperature protection capability. The Solar Power Generator acceptable temperature range is from -10 to +50 degree celsius, with humidity level of less than 40% and noise level is less than 45 decibel. It is designed for use in any terrestrial location here on Earth. However, the solar power generator is not submersible in water. The 500VA PPSPG power capacity is capable of powering 6 electric light bulbs, 2 domestic fans, 1 television set, 2 laptop / or 1 desktop computer, and phone chargers. In order to be able to power a small refrigerator, all other load must be shut down and external batteries added to prolong the run time.