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1.5KVA Solar Power Generator

Technical Overview

Model number:          SNCS1.5K

Power rating:           1.5KVA

Output Voltage:         230V / 46-60hz

Input DC Voltage:       21.2V - 46V

Weight:                       88Kg

Dimension H*W*D:                              


Operating temp: 

                                   -20°C +50°C

Acceptable Batteries: Gel, lithium, flooded

* Supplied with:

- 1 x 1.5KVA energy box with inbuilt 2 x 100Ah 12V 

   gel battery

- 4 x 150W solar panel monochrystal

** Upgradability:

- Can add more 14 x 150W solar panel

- Can add more 10 x 100Ah 12V 


1.5KVA Plug and Play Solar Power Generator - Model SNCS1.5K

General Overview

The 1.5KVA model SNCS1.5K 'Plug and Play Solar Power Generator (PPSPG)' of power rating 1.5KVA 230V 50hertz, is a new brand innovative line of hybrid solar energy box, that is conceived, designed and manufactured by Suchnetcom Solar Ltd.

The PPSPG is carefully integrated onboard power electronic circuitry with inbuilt inverter, charge controller, battery storage unit, high/low voltage sensor, over-current self-shutdown unit, voltage surge protection, humidity control, and cooling fans. On the external part of PPSPG there are switching units to control direct current (DC) inputs and output as appropriate, alternating current (AC) output load and AC input supply lines for utility bypass function.

The PPSPG has external battery connector (EBC) as an option to increase the energy storage capacity of the system. Through the EBC user can willfully increase the number of battery to achieve maximum energy delivery that exponentially meets the maximum load runtime, of which the system is designed to accommodate.

This energy box is called 'Plug-and-Play'... due to the smart form of operation and it can easily be installed by any competent electrician / solar technician within a few number of hours. Refer to user manual for a more detailed specification. 

1.5KVA solar energy box

Sample load table for 1.5KVA Energy Box