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Plug-and-Play Solar Power Generator (PPSPG)

The new power product branded 'Plug-and-Play Solar Power Generator (PPSPG)' is an innovative solar power generation box. It was solely designed and manufactured by Suchnetcom Solar Ltd, Nigeria. The first model 'SNCS3.5K' of the brand was initially installed in a private facility in Imo State-Nigeria in year 2020. Henceforth, the second brand 'SNCS0.5K was released in early March 2021 and has just passed its sale test and successfully installed in a private home in Anambra State, Nigeria.

The PPSPG solar generator was brought into being with the following objectives:

- Makes solar compact

- Easy to use

- Easy to Install

- Reduced web of wires

- Improve power system safety

- Ascertain best quality

- Shun quack engineering

- Reduce overall system cost

- Reduce installation cost

- Easy to upgrade



The 0.5KVA (500VA), 230V 50-60 hertz PLUG-and-PLAY SOLAR POWER GENERATOR (PPSPG) is a carefully integrated onboard power electronic circuitry inbuilt of inverter, charge regulator, battery, safety units, humidity control fan, external switching unit and external battery connector to increase capacity. The 500VA PPSPG has the capacity to power 6 electric light bulbs, 2 domestic fans, 1 television set, 2 laptop / or 1 desktop computer, and phone chargers.....

Our company is committed to making innovative changes while we look forward to our next release on the PPSPG brand line. For product prices, kindly visit our online shop at