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Plug-and-Play Solar Power Generator (PPSPG)

Video clip - PPSPG model SNCS3.5K (3.5KVA) and SNCS5K (5KVA)

General Description

The PPSPG generator is a new brand line of hybrid solar energy box, that is conceived, designed and manufactured by Suchnetcom Solar Ltd. The PPSPG is carefully integrated onboard power electronic circuitry with inbuilt inverter, charge controller, battery storage unit, high/low voltage sensor, over-current self-shutdown unit, voltage surge protection, humidity control, and cooling fans. On the external part of PPSPG there are switching units to control direct current (DC) inputs and output as appropriate, alternating current (AC) output load and AC input supply lines for utility bypass function. The PPSPG has external battery connector (EBC) as an option to increase the energy storage capacity of the system. Through the EBC user can willfully increase the number of battery to achieve maximum energy delivery that exponentially meets the maximum load runtime that the system is designed to accommodate. Refer to user manual for a more detailed specification.

The PPSPG brand is available in 8 different standard models namely SNCS300, SNCS500, SNCS1.5K and SNCS2.5K. Other higher models on this brand line include SNCS3.5K, SNCS5K, SNCS7.5K and SNCS10K.

The PPSPG solar generator was brought into being with the following objectives:

- Makes solar compact

- Easy to use

- Easy to Install

- Reduced web of wires

- Improve power system safety

- Ascertain best quality

- Shun quack engineering

- Reduce overall system cost

- Reduce installation cost

- Easy to upgrade