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Suchnetcom Solar LTD (Distributeur - Mannetcom Solar, Cameroun)

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Our long experience in solar installation works suffices to prove that 'PSC Solar UK' brand remain the best quality and reliable products ever implemented in our solar power projects. The astute design and state-of-the-art technology make the unique brand a blend of reliable quality and best choice for the customer. We, Suchnetcom Solar Ltd, have successfully implemented the products across Nigeria and our customers testify they are efficient, smart and rugged in their functionality. These include Xantra Advanced Online Inverters, Xantra Charge Controllers, AGM/Exide gel/LiFePO4 batteries, Mono../Polychrystalline Solar Panels, Power Stabilizers and others. All are from the best German and UK quality technology.

Best recommended products in our product line include: